Best Compact System Camera

The world of photography has never been the same ever since the development of digital cameras technology. Completely eliminating the need for film – while allowing people all of the same benefits of the highest and cameras but also adding and the fact that you can take hundreds or even thousands of pictures at a clip – some of the best compact system camera have taken over the world faster than anyone could have probably imagined.

However, the world of digital cameras has been pretty distinctly split into two completely different marketplaces – the full-bodied and full framed digital cameras used by professionals that weigh a metric ton and the point and shoot digital cameras that have been designed and developed for consumers without any of the advanced technology offered by the professional cameras.

Compact system cameras are looking to completely bridge the gap, so to speak, between the two – offering amazing compact form factors, flexibility and adaptability when comes to new technologies, and some of the best picture quality of available anywhere.

Best Compact System Cameras By Rating & Price

MegaPixel - Lense
fuji finepix s4500 compact system cameraFujifilm FinePix S4500 Digital Camera £99.9914MP4.5
Panasonic Lumix DMC-G6HEB-K£84916MP, Live MOS Sensor + New Venus Engine for improved Low Light Performance4.9
panasonic lunix dmc g3 compact system cameraPanasonic Lumix G3£3356.0-megapixel Live MOS Sensor and Venus Engine FHD4.5
Panasonic-Lumix-DMC-LX7 csc camera Panasonic Lumix LX7£31010.1 MP, 3.8x Optical Zoom4.5
Pentax Q CSC cameraPentax Q Compact System Camera£20512MP4.6
sony nex 3 csc cameraSony NEX3NL£30616.1MP, 16-50mm Power Zoom Lens4.5
Sony RX100M2 Advanced Cybershot Digital Compact Camera Sony RX100M2 Advanced £580 F1.8 Carl Zeiss Lens4.9
Pentax K-01 Compact System CameraPentax K-01 £279.9918-55mm Lens Kit, 16MP4.4
Sony H200 Bridge csc Camera Sony H200£12416MP4.4
Samsung NX1000 Digital Compact System CameraSamsung NX1000 £25020.3MP, 20-50mm Lens 4.5
Panasonic Lumix LZ20 Camera - Black (16 MP, 21x Optical Zoom) 3 inch LCDPanasonic Lumix LZ20 £129.9916 MP, 21x Optical Zoom4.5
Nikon 1 J1 Compact System Camera with 10-30mm and 30-110mm Double Lens Kit Nikon 1 J1 £35010-30mm and 30-110mm Double Lens Kit 4.6

What exactly are compact system cameras?

Also known as CSC camera or Mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera, the compact camera systems are a perfect blend of the best of both worlds from framed DSLR cameras and the smaller point and click or camera phone cameras available on the market today. Squeezing incredibly advanced technology, oversized image sensors, tremendous batteries, and all kinds of professional grade features into something not much larger than a cell

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1- best csc cameraphone, CSC camera products have been taking the world by storm and for good reason. Attractively priced and amazingly outfitted, there is almost no reason whatsoever to step up to professional grade DSLR cameras (unless you are a professional photographer yourself) or to bother with the low image quality point and shoots available for the exact same prices.

Offering comparable power and features, the best compact system camera rivals top DSLR solutions

What’s been most amazing about the rise of CSC camera products is the fact that they have so quickly caught up to those full framed digital SLR products faster than anyone could have imagined. The world of full-bodied digital SLR cameras has been raging for well over a decade, but most people believed that the need for a full frame would always exist because of the amount of raw power and technology you needed to shoehorn into a camera body.

Thanks to the evolution of technology – and the rising tide of smaller and smaller components – this just isn’t the case any longer. By stripping out the reflex mirror mechanism found in almost every full framed digital SLR camera (with absolutely no compromise in image quality or performance whatsoever), the best compact system camera is able to provide images that are clearer, richer in color, much less grainier, all in a ridiculously small and compact form factor.

Another major benefit to CSC camera products is the inclusion of an “oversized” image sensor

Hopefully you have been reading up on the debunking of the “megapixel myth” that has been propagated ever since digital photo technology first exploded onto the scene, and have begun to understand that once you reach a specific number of megapixels you’re not going to see any bump or increase in image crispness, clarity, or quality.

However, at the exact same time, the size of the image sensor has gone almost completely overlooked – even though this is the key component that directly influences just how clear and high quality your pictures appear. The biggest problem for point and shoot cameras is that they just don’t have the extra size to accommodate a full-sized or oversized image sensor, which compromises the pictures that there are able to take.
But because of the “hybrid” stylings of the best compact system camera, this is never going to be an issue for you. Almost all of the best compact system cameras have been designed and developed around an oversized and extra-large image sensor to guarantee that you’re always going to get the very best looking pictures possible.

Stripping out all of the extra (and often unnecessary) “professional” camera technology

best compact system camera

While it’s probably become rather evident and obvious to anyone that has been using a full framed digital SLR camera in the past, the truth of the matter is that most of the high-end professional grade camera manufacturers have been shoehorning in extra technological developments, buttons, and menus for no real reason whatsoever other than to add a couple of dollars on to the price tag.
This has left us with completely overcrowded and difficult to use digital SLR solutions, cameras that almost require a four-year college education to use with any degree of confidence. At the same time, modern photo editing technology and tools have become easier and easier to use than ever before – all but guaranteeing that you’re going to get the most out of your photographs without having to worry about missing out on those extra buttons.

The best compact system camera solutions have all stripped out the unnecessary “clutter” completely, giving you a cleaner, friendlier, and more easy to use camera in the process. And you’ll never have to worry about sacrificing functionality or performance along the way.

You’ll still be able to use interchangeable lenses and extra features

The best part about the right CSC camera, however, is that you’re never going to have to worry about missing out on using interchangeable lenses or extra features. This was a big concern for people who were looking to graduate from the point and click world but got sick and tired of having a stock in standard lens, as well as the people who were looking to downgrade from gigantic digital SLR cameras but didn’t want to lose out on the customization and flexibility of having interchangeable lenses.

Thankfully, you’ll never need to make that compromise again. Depending upon the specific make, model, and manufacturer of your CSC camera, you’ll have a whole world of interchangeable lenses opened up to you – and should be able to take exactly the kinds of pictures (using exactly the kinds of technology) you have been dreaming about.